Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Cold Riding

The list of Clothes i wore today while riding in 7 degree with a wind chill of -25
Helmet (duh)
Black hood sock
Under Armour Hood
Oakley Goggles
Planet Bike winter gloves
Under Armour mock turtle neck
Twinkies cycling jersey
KR bike club vest
Nike Cycling jacket, windproof
Under Armour leggings
Team Discovery cycling bibs
Trek summer leggings
Twinkies socks, to match the jersey
Under Armour cold gear socks

(not pictured, Lake boots, and old Trek 1000)

Monday, January 28, 2008

I rode, I read

So i got up Saturday, rode in the very crazy unshoved roads around my house. I did about 10 miles, but it felt like 50 with all the snow on the ground. I should have used a mountain bike, it would have been safer. But i ended up getting a fever and sleeping most of the evening. too bad too, i really wanted to go see Rambo with my friend Ross. (only friend from high school) O well, it happens, i guess i will have to see it next weekend. It will at least give me something to do while i am watching the dogs for my parents. They are going to MN to visit my sister. I would love to go, but I promised my team, Half Acre Cycling, I would make all the team meetings, since i am currently the only nonflatlander on the team. (GO WISCONSIN) But i guess that means i can do whatever i want on Friday night, since everyone will be gone. (that should read, I will spend the night at home in front of the TV and/or the computer, seeing as i have no life.)

Speaking of no life, directly yet more indirectly related, I have found a new blog. I relate to this blog more than words can express. I want to share the link, but i also don't want too. It's one of those, do i accept that i so closely relate to this blog, or do i attempt to hide from this. I have been hiding for a while, and doing a fairly good job, if you ask me. I have even been debating weather i should email this blogger, and let them know they aren't the only person like this in the world. (pee break) Or maybe i will email this blogger a link to my page. That way when they read this they will understand, and anything else in the email would just be wrong. Yeah that is what i might do, be as indirect as humanly possible. I think i would get along with this person extremely well, but i but that will never happen. O will, i guess that is life, you lose some, and then you lose some more.

Peace out you extremely few readers, if there are any.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

quick up date

so here is why i haven't been posting. the nights are dark, and i find myself mid evening dreaming (like day dreaming but in the mid evening) about stress free rides on a open road with no potholes, and a long hard hill i cant seem to top. during the day i work, well get a workoutish. I mean i deliver packages at work. they range from 1oz to a couple hundred pounds that require a forklift. But basically anything under 150 i carry. My average delivery amount for a day is about 70-90 packages/chemicals. Its a chemical company so they unbox the chemicals and log them before i can deliver them. I should note that my deliveries span 2 city blocks, and its all by foot and all in 4 1/2 hours or less. I am also trained on 3 of the 4 mail runs (so i know about 150ish mail stations by heart over a 4 box campus), the receiving dock (and all the deliveries they do(less than i do) but they get to drive the fun fork trucks, i don't :( ), and other basic mail room related things. I make crap for money, but i like the job because I NEVER have work to do at home. once 3ish hits i am GONE! in the summer its nice, but winter am indifferent. i walk an average of about 5-7 miles a day at work, and for a lot of it, i am either carrying something or dragging a overly loaded cart around. Yeah fun.

As soon as the morning temp is around +5 i will be riding again. I cant justify riding in sub zero degrees because i have that much better of a chance to get sick and screw my spring training over. O i am also on a low cal(ish), no taste diet. It sucks, but its saving me money. I now make my lunch instead of buying an overly price greasy lunch at work.

so that is my life as it stands. I am going riding Saturday reguardless the weather. I also really wanna try the Tour of Chicago, but i can't (for certian unsaid reasons) skip church again. no i am not worried that my soul will burn forever if i miss church (i miss enough that if that was true i am ROYALLY SCREWED!!!!), its very different reasons. Maybe if all works out i can explain it to you very few who read this later.

Night all YOU few who read this, or is it good day. I guess it depends on when you read it.

Monday, January 14, 2008

WTB: Camera

So i am looking for a camera. Not just an ordinary camera, i have a digital rebel with tons of lense already. what i am looking for is a small camera that is durable. I want to be able to carry it in the back of my jersey while i ride. I want to be able to crash or drop it, and not worry that i just just lost a lot of money. i want it to be digital, i want it to be simple, and i want it to be cheap. any ideas?

After seeing the pictures that Jill puts up, i know i can't compete, but it would make this dull blog more interesting.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Long Over Due 1

I hope you are ready for another rambling post; because here it goes.

I made the first Half Acre Cycling team ride in Chicago. O yeah, drum roll please...... I AM ON HALF ACRE CYCLING!!! wooooooooooot I am finally officially on a team. WOOT WOOT!!!

ok back to the team ride, we had 4 total flats, i only had 1. It was a dirty, wet, flithy ride. Basically it was a what a typical January ride is ment to be, minus the snow. It was fun, annoying, and i can't wait until i can do it again. (thanks to kevin for a place to shower and chill after the ride)

next was a mountain bike ride with my friend chris at pets in Kenosha. it was raining the whole time, and since we had a tornado the day before, it was a very interesting ride. We were either riding on left over ice, mud, or though rivers that used to be trails. it was a kick ass ride with a friend i don't really get to see enough. and again i choose the WRONG GLOVE!!! GRRR that is twice in 1 months i have screwed up my glove choice.

the last ride of this post is a ben popper special. Its called, or i am calling it, the popper ride of pain. I believe he wanted to see how much pain he could inflect before we called uncle. it involved 13+ stories of climbing, and a lot of riding straight into a head wind. this was another ride in Chicago, but there was no flats (as in tires), WOOT! and for once, i choose the right gloves WOOT WOOT!!

anyways, i will soon be dieting or attempting, drinking better ie more water, and riding more. Most of my ride this time of year will be solo since all my group ride have been in chicago. the winter riding scene in WI isn't too big, so solo i will go.

that is it for now. I ride, i try (to get a date), and i survive.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Long Over Due

Since my attempt to stay off the bike for a few weeks failed, i guess i will post. For Christmas i received, and have been using (the reason for the failed attempt) a trainer. Not a personal trainer, like i am that lucky. But instead a trainer to ride my bike on, and i am. i am riding my bike often, yet still not often enough. can one ride it often enough? i don't think so. For Christmas i also received a new pair of Lake Boots. *for a link look in the last post, i am too lazy to repost a link, so sue me!* I, for the third year in a row, failed to make any of the New Years Rides i had planned. I did have a good New Years, but this isn't the place to talk about this. (get your mind out of the gutter, i too much of a gentleman for any thing a dirty mind can think of.)

So my current plan is, to stay off the bike for one more day, and get back on the 3rd. There is 4 reasons for this: 1) i need a new rear wheel for my old road bike. (the old one got was created into the rear wheel for the single speed cross bike.) 2) in my job (note to come later on my job) there should be A LOT!!!! to do, and i will be pretty tired. 3) i could use one more day off to relax, and eat junk food 4) because who is going to tell me differently?

Now the note on the job, i hate my job, i need a new job. Any job is better then the job i have now. I make crap for money, i work part-time, and its a crappy job. While i will work any job, i do have a few simple requirements. I must make decent money, work full time (with benefits) -first shift work- (i ride in the evenings), and only work weekdays (i race on weekends). I am qualified to do many different kinds of work, and i learn very quickly. If you noticed, the type of work doesn't matter if they requirements are met, the job does matter if the requirements can't be met.

But on a happy note, i am VERY excited to begin track, and road season. The Mountain bike season i am slightly worried about. with the job thing the way it is, my plans for bikes are in flux. there is several possibilities of how stuff could work, and we will see what arises.

Until next time kiddos, take care.