Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Training ride

hour and a halfish
other side of main street and back
not too cold today (50ish)
legs feel tired (get on the bike more often you fool)
spring is a cruel bitch at time
i heart craft base layers (note to self, GET MORE)
spring break would be more fun if it was warm out (50 if good but no good enough)
not much else to report sorry

more next time

PS i LOVE banana chips!!!!!!!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

phase 1 failed

so the diet idea failed... for now. let me explain. i woke up Sunday morning to head out to our training session at Element but a car had decided to park on my chest. as everyone knows when your sick, diets fail.

that means with week has been sleeping, rest, healing, eating, and getting stuff right with school. i have my classes this year, and they look easy. which in theory means more time to train, but with a tuesday and thursday night class i will not be at the track(s) until the school is over. well i will be at the track, just not on race nights.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

It started, sorta

so phase one of my cycling season has started. there are about 5 or so phases right now. ill explain the phases as they come, so let me start with phase one.

cycling is a numbers game. how long does it take you to cover X distance, what wattage did you up out, what your peak wattage when sprinting, what your resting heart rate, working heart rate, lt threshold, VO2 max, blah blah blah. while all these are, in there own right, important, i am currently working on my power to weight ratio. this fact could be wrong, its something i think i remember from years ago, but your ideal power to weight ration is like 7 watts/kg. (weird europeans and there kilograms) that means at my current weight i need to put out an average, remember this is an average, not a peak, of roughly 735watts. this is an insane number.

so this means, since i am not a 735 watter, i need to lose some weight. phase one. this is being done a couple ways, but the first week by far is the hardest, not only because my work is physically demanding, but because getting good health food in a little lunch box to last all day is hard. but i have solved a few of the problems. this first week, my last week of work (ill get to this in a bit) i am taking lean cuisines and fruit to work. when i get hungry i will eat an apple, and for lunch my intake is regulated. dinner is normal dinnerish food in smaller amounts.

my addicting to mountain dew is a tad bit hard to over come. and yes you can be addicted to caffeine. right now i am getting the with drawl head aches, which suck, but can be over come. in the last 3 days i have had one 20 ounce coke. the headache was bad and i was falling asleep while driving the company truck in milwaukee, i needed something. to replace my intake of mountain dew i have been drinking a lot of water, oj and other juices, but mainly water. i lived most of my fall and winter in a dehydrated state, so my body is LOVING all this water.

next week will be easier, ill be done with work. if you read some of my other entries you will know that i wanted to, and now know i got accepted to go back to school full time. with the holidays i put a three week notice in, so i get a week off before school starts. just enough time to switch gears from full time work to full time school. i am excited and nervous about the whole thing. my history with colleges has not been the best, but i think my new found maturity (towards school) will assist me in full commenting myself to my education.

speaking of older blogs, i also noted i didnt want to ride the track this year. i wrote about some of the reasons, and talked to some people about the other reason. and i think i have decided to do what CSC says and "Harden the Fuck up" and race. i still wanna race my mountain bike in the WORS series. but this also means i plan on being more selective on which track races i do. i wanna give myself time off the bike this year. crossresults.com says i raced 20 cross races this year (sept-dec), and i know there is at least one more race. i also wanna travel to race the track. living between milwaukee and chicago i have the honor to have at least 4 velodromes within 6 hours of driving. i think my focus will be on kieren and sprint races. this also means i will more than likely be taking advantage of the team sponsor, specialized and sram.

that is really all i have for now. phase 2 should start next week, i hope. i also wanna post more. the way i look at it, if i am following my plan ill have something to write about, so i need to write. plus if it interesting julie can steal it for our site, halfacrecycling.org. until the next time i write.

PS if anyone wants to help me celebrate my last day of work this friday, PLEASE let me know. i currently have no plans, but i feel like i should be celebrating.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

four days

it starts in 4 days, but when will it end?