Monday, April 28, 2008

Iowa Day two (crit)

UPDATE on day one: i heard the wind speed was a constant 30mph, which explains the near 50mph back stretch that helped me spin out my 53x11, and the need to pedal downhill to maintain the 13 mph i had just climbed a hill at. the lesson for day one, wind SUCKS!!! when its a head wind, but ROCKS!!! when its at your back.

before i get to day two, i need to explain more about the evening of day one, that turned out to be very useful. While at dinner Donny, the head of Punk Rock Cycling, advised, Ana, Maria, Kelli, Jen, Clara, Jessi (no E), and I (yeah i was spoiled this weekend by hangout with beautiful women all weekend), about how to successfully race the crit. He told us about the course, which most of us haven't seen before, he told us how we should climb the hill and the idea gear which we should be in (it was a big gear, high speed, power climb). He explained all the things that could help us know the course the best we can, without actually riding it.

Okay back to day two. I woke up, ate, and headed to the course. I parked in the parking garage, but took my race bag with me. I ended up putting in Maria's van, I HEART THE PRC girls. After riding 3 to 5 laps with them, i watched the first couple races, including the Cat 4 women, which the PRC chicks kicked ass in. I tried to spin around the parking lot, but with so much nervous energy i had a hard time cheer and warming up. As the race before mine ended i took a lap to double check the course.

My race was the Cat 5 and the Col D race mixed into one. I lined up about 3 rows back, and we were off. It was a VERY fast start, and with a short course that isnt always good. the laps were 1km long and the race was only 10 laps long. for the first 5ish laps i stayed with a couple people, but with hills ,being the enemy of big guys, i started to slow. I ended up getting pulled on the final lap because i got lapped. O well that is life.

After a shower at the hotel and I was back to watch the rest of the PRC girls race in the W 1/2/3 race. Sydney Brown (Team Revolution) lapped the WHOLE field, and about half the field twice. Back to the hotel so Jen, who i rode/drove down with could clean up and we could check out. I must now pause and give a shout out to the Baymount inn and suites in Coralville IA for the 2pm check out they granted us. After checking out we headed back the course to watch the men's 1/2 race. The pro men made the hill that made me suffer look like pie 40 times.

5 hours later i arrived at home, hating wind, yet wanting to go back to Iowa as soon as i can find a race and visit the PRC girls. Maybe Snake Alley? I can only hope. Until then i am looking forward to the track training day at the Northbrook Velodrome. ;)

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Iowa Day one (road race)

So after driving 5 totals hours, with 2 stops with Jen Greenburg, to get to Iowa, I found myself at the Baymount Inn and Suites in Coralville, IA. One the trip here i realized i left both my water bottles at home, and niether Jen nor I knew how to get to the course the next morning. While the water bottles are easy to figure, the idea of of having no idea how to get to the race day seemed to be an issue. Once at the hotel it dawned on me that i had a laptop and could get the directions to the course from a website. (score one the laptop)

I semi good night sleep later, i awoke to my phone alarm and the sound of winds howling outside. I "dresses" and got some breakfast before heading out with jen to the course. Upon arriving at the course, I realized the wind was 10 times worse than i thought. O well, i drove this far, so why not race. Our start was delayed about 40 mins due to a crash in the Master race that required the the closing of the race and 2 ambulances. While once we got started it was off into a 20+mph head wind. On a 4 turn course, the wind at some point has to be at your back, when it was i spun out my 53x11 gear while going 47ish mph. with that kind tale wind, it meant the head wind SUCKED!!!! at 12mph it was a LONG front straight into the wind. 2 laps later i crossed the finish line in 18 place. not bad, but no in the lead pack that dropped this big guy while riding into the wind.

I stayed at watched Jen race in the Womens open, she placed 8 with her teammate Jane placing 6. (both are cuties, i will admit) After a drive to the hotel to change and shower finally, we and her teammates from PRC and 2 girls, Clara and Jessi, headed out to Atlas to get some dinner. After eating some good food, i, clara, and jessi headed back to the hotel to type race reports and head to bed. While jen and her teammates headed out to do there thing.

Am now i am going to play a game of chess and and go to sleep. Stay tuned tomorrow for for Day 2, a crit.

Friday, April 25, 2008

More updates coming

one of my many reason for the lack of updates is the face that i have to sit in front of my desktop computer and that isnt always possible. to after getting my tax refund i have been able to purchase something i have been looking at, researching, and lusting over for nearly 2 years, a laptop. so right now i am watching Law and Order in my living room, posting an update. I am home on a friday because i am heading to Iowa for the old capital crit and road race this weekend. And now that i have a laptop to take with, i can update the races when they are fresh in my head. Until later.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


My season has now officially started. I shaved my legs for the first time this year today. in celebration, i took the day off riding.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Long Over Due 2 or is it 3?

I have been going to races, but to say i raced would be a stretch. I have stayed in the pack for 75% of the time, but i always ended up getting dropped. i am starting to think its because i never warm up enough, i mean other than the givin reason of my legs exploding like a tire running over pieces of a old beer bottle. O well there is always next time.

speaking of next time, this weekend i am going to Iowa to race the i was convinced/told that i was going, so i must go.

in other news, with my tax return i might finally be able to buy a mountain bike. I have my eye on a Gary Fisher 29er. yeah i talked about a Trek 69er, but after seeing the GF's in person, i am SOOOOOO sold on them. weather i get one or not will depend on my bank account.

that is all the news i have for now. ill TRY to up date more often.

PS This post is dedicated to Julie, without her, i might never up date. (see link to her blog on the said)