Sunday, March 23, 2008

Its Been A While

Yes I have been riding
No I havent been writing somewhere else
Yes I have raced
No I didnt win
Yes I tried hard
No I am not in shape
Yes I was the first of my team to sport the new kit in a race
If you have any othr questions just shoot them my way.

Now important things. I just brought new cycling shoes. (sorry Julie) but they are Nike Lance Limited Edition. I got them at the Bike Expo in Milwaukee because they were on sale. For those who dont know Nike is getting out of cycling, they bank on being able to do bulk business and cycling isnt about bulk. So all of Nike's cycling stuff is 50% off.

Random Notes, here is a list of cycling videos i want to buy, if you can think of others, PLEASE let me know.

Quick Silver
American Flyer
Breaking Away
The Fling Scotsman
A Sunday in Hell

Other cycling news, my baby, the Madone 5.5 Pro is getting new bars, bar tape, and a very nice cleaning and lube. O and I have a secret, once it arrives i will share.

Sorry with I had more. maybe later this week.