Saturday, November 29, 2008

Brief Update JIngle Cross 1

went speedo, wasnt to cold, got 14th, one behind MCNEAL! free swag was not worth the price of the speedo, will speedo again tomorrow, pictures to come soon, only if i am unlucky, warm shower = good, lunch = better, time to watch ben race, picture of him for sure, end brief report that is really one long run-on sentence, real update later.

PS i hate the grinch

Friday, November 28, 2008

Jingle Cross Pre-race day

this is the view from my hotel room for Jingle Cross, and let me say this room is DOPE!!! i am paying less for this room than i did for my room in louisville. its so nice that feel like i should go downstairs and offer to pay more. this is just not fair, but i am loving it!!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Be Kind, Rewind

Photo Credit: Amy Okay, the rewind part is a little much, but you should be kind when you ride your bike. And I don't only mean on normal every day rides.

With my recent upgrade in cyclocross, from 4 to 3, I get passed a lot. I am not saying that I am slow, but I could, I am saying that the cat 3 start a little infront of the women's 1/2/3 and the master's 50+. In my few races as a cat 3, of which my finishes are not so great, i have been passed by some women and some old men. old men are not always that nice, but the women are always nice. The two nicest ones so far have been; Rebecca Much of xXx Racing, and Holly Klug of Killjoy. Why they both always seem pass me, they are both cat 1/2 races after all, they are always very nice to me.

For example, when Miss Rebecca Much (who is super cute, i have no fear in saying that because only maybe 7 people might ever read this) passed me at Northbrook on Sunday, she wished me a nice race and good luck. When Holly Klug wanted to pass me she told me not to worry, she would find a way past. Come on, how many people, when winning there race would wish you well as they pass you?? I know the old men don't! 2 of the old men forced their way by me on the inside of a wet, slippery corner. I had fully planned on letting them by after the corner. but no, they had to ram there handlebars into my butt. I kinda wished i would have fallen and made them crash (kinda but not really because that would have been a bad day for all). There is no need to force your way by. Just ask and you would be amazed at what can happen.

On a more positive note, the new cyclocross tires recommended to me by the famous Ben Popper, the Michelin Mud 2s, worked amazingly! I can't believe they worked so well in such sloppy conditions. Also, a MUST for all races of any type, that do not race with computers, Trek's Time Watch, is an amazing piece of equipment. It's only a clock, with hands, but its a life saver. Think about it, how many times have you been warming up for a race and had to ask someone what time it was so you could find out how much time you have left. With this little doohickey you keep track of your time, and still save it by taking it off the bike as you line up.

Next up, Whitewater (yes after last year going back, it gets one more chance) and than maybe lansing. It depends if i can find a place to stay so i don't have to drive from Wisconsin to the Illinois Indiana boarder.