Thursday, December 18, 2008

NatCXChampsD4121420084176LRR Photos

NatCXChampsD4121420084176LRR Photos
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Thanks to Ms Julie Popper who founds this, and Lantern Rouge for taking it

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Changes for 2009

Nothing huge to report from Nationals, other than I predicted the winner of the SS race. none other than James Lalonde.

The big news, for me at least, is that everything that i knew to be cycling will be changing. So lets start at the beginning.


Now: i eat what i want, without a care. i have been on the seefood diet, see food, eat food.

Reason for Change: I need to monitor what i eat so it will support and promote muscle and bone growth. food is the energy that makes my body move, give it bad energy and it will preform badly. Also i need to lose about 20-30 pounds, this should help. Also, no more soda, that is right, i am giving up my beloved mountain dew.

Soon: first i will never go meatless! but i will start drinking my fruits and vegetables, beans, and other things i normally would pass on now. I will do so because its help me mentally and physically on the bike.


Now: i work 40ish hours of week, at a job i hate.

Reason for Change: i hate my job, i was recently given a change go back to school. IF i get accepted, ill be able to better my position in life.

Soon: ill be back at school full time (if i get accepted). while this will allow me more training time, it will probably kill a few weekends, that will require me to do homework instead of racing.


Now: i dont really have an official discipline i work on, i just ride what is fun. I never rest, or work on one thing.

Reason for Change: If i wanna be good at cycling, i need to choose one kind of discipline, weather it be road and track, or mountain and cross. For this reason, and for others, i am choosing, for the time being to give up my beloved track cycling for mountain biking and cross. Another big reason is with school i will need my tuesday and thursday nights in the fall and spring free to do homework. Also with giving up my job, ill be buying my own insurance, and when accidents happen on the track, they arent cheap. So in the interest of my future, i must, with a VERY heavy heart, put up my track back, and work off road for the year.

There will be more things to come, and this is by no means set in stone. it will take a lot of hard work, but i think it will pay off in the end.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I am unofficially number 1802 for Cyclocross Nationals next Sunday. I will be official when i pick up for number friday sometime.