Monday, August 11, 2008


I can now officially say I am back on the bike. I say officially because i kinda "raced" the Glencoe Grand Prix. I finished 27th of 30th i think, not bad for breaking my toe 3 weeks to the day earlier.

Okay, I'll start this blog with the race. Having not been on a bike in 3 weeks, and being told i should wait 4 weeks before i even try, i decided to see if a cycling shoe fit and to see how i could ride. O, did i forget to say i signed up for the race on Friday night, and didn't try riding till Saturday with the race being Sunday, oops. Well the good news is my shoe fit, and i could pedal. The bad news, my legs felt tired and slow, but after 3 weeks off the bike they felt good. Saturday night i packed the car and attempted to go to bed early.

The alarm rang at 5am, so i could be on the road by 5:30. I left late, but some how (looks around) made it to the race around 7am, like planned. After signing in and getting dressed, i took a few warm up laps in a failed attempt to shake some more rush from the legs. I got a front row starting position, like i always seem to get.

The race itself was a pretty slow race, compared to what i am used to. The race didn't really reach the 30mph i am used too. With that said I did get filtered out the back after a few laps. HEY, i was off the bike for 3 weeks, so i had a good excuse. I did stay in the race for the full time, I got lapped the 2nd time at the VERY end. I could have tried to sprint and not get lapped again, but why should i take away the glory of the people who could keep the pace and wanted to win.

After the race i took my camera out and took pictures for the rest of the races. Click for some of them. I had fun, took a lot of pictures.

Now to the important part, the doctor's appointment from today, the 11th. I left work early so i could go to my doctors appointment. After getting X-rays and taking to a gentlemen, who should have been dead from a motorcycle crash with no helmet, who happened to be a police officer, i met the doctor. The doctor remembered me because i attempted to talk him into letting me ride my bike the day after i broke my toe. Any ways, the X-rays showed that my bone isn't healing, or at least its not showing any bone growth on the X-ray. The doctor explained that it could just be bone growth delay, basically the bone is growing, the X-ray just isn't showing it. Either way he wants to see me in another 4 weeks (7 weeks +1 day of the break). Next is the fun part. The doctor wasn't quite believing me when is said i felt very little pain, so he squeezed the toe. And i don't mean nicely. He squeezed my toe like he was juicing an orange while looking me in the eye. After that, he started to believe me that it didn't hurt and I was fine.

I then explained to him my cycling shoes don't flex due to the carbon fiber soles, and my foot wouldn't bend at all. He finally agreed that i could "try" cycling, to which i told be about the above race, but called it a "fun ride". He than agreed i could ride my bike again, as long as i didn't push it. (like i listened to him the first time) He also agreed i could wear a normal shoe, and not my boot.

So expect to see me around the cycling scene again, but I don't promise to be near the front. Downers Grove any one????