Monday, September 22, 2008

First 2008 Cross Race.

Pain was the name of the game, not as bad as last year but still OUCH!!. let me rewind a minute and start with the weekend. Saturday started with a 10am breakfast with an old friend i hadn't seen in over 10 years. than back home to pack and head to Audrey's house for the weekend. The reason i was at her house saturday night, other than her being the coolest single girl i know, she happens to be a teammate, and offered her house as a place to stay before the Jackson Park Cross Race. After getting there, i decided to treat her to dinner as a way to say thanks for a place to stay that was with in 15 minutes of the race, instead of having to drive 2+ house thought evil bear traffic. I don't remember the name of the place, but it was foreign, it was good. I always got a food rub from the person next to me, and offered some hienny. Back to her place to rest and relax.
The next morning brought some computer and loading up an ipod. After packing up a backpack, Audrey, Amanda (another teammate) and i heading to Jackson Park. After watching some races, and doing a handful of practice laps, i got ready to race. I, once again, got a first row starting position. Riding a Single Speed, a fast start isn't in my favor. But being a single speed did allow me to find a flow rather quickly. my flow helped in the technical part of the course, but during the wide open sections, i lost a lot of ground that i gained. That is the way of the single speed versus the geared folks.
The race was fun, but i cant wait until the weather cools down. this race was hot and humid. I unzipped my skin suit during lap one, and sweated a ton on sunday. Post race i rode back to Audrey's place, showered, and headed out to eat at some sweet Chinese place. It was good and very fast. After my drive home i slept liked a little kid. 6 more days until Madcross, and maybe a cat 3 upgrade after that race?

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Holly KillJoy Style Update

- Downers Grove was fun, but next i dont want to be hurt going into it.
- Palo Meltdown was fun, but i want to race sport next year.
- Track Season is over, i am sad, very very very sad
- Time to start preparing for next track season, ie time to get a new stiff as hell track bike.
- Cross Season is upon me
- this past weekend was my last planned free weekend until after cross season, ie the weekend before Christmas
- I am signed up for Madcross, and Jingle Cross
- I am currently waiting to sign up for Single Speed Nationals.
- My currently cross bike is setup to be a 1x10 or a single speed with the rear derailleur acting as a chain tensionor.
- I cant spell and i know it, plus my grammar sucks.
- My toe isn't healing, after 7 weeks you can still see the break plain as day
- My toe will be broken probably until after cross season, but i will not let it be an excuse.
- My goal is to not freeze my fingers at nationals this coming year.
- I send my best wishes to Ben and Julie as they start there cross season this coming weekend
- Ben is the riding and Julie is the mechanic.
- They happen to be married, which is awesome that they share the love for cycling
- When i get married one day, i hope my marriage can be filled with as much love as i see in theirs.
- i am soo tired right now that i am getting dizzy
- i cant go to sleep until i register.
- does anyone else agree this wait sucks donkey balls?
- My best wishes to Tristan, and his quick recovery.
- I am excited to see 2 brothers i watched in the WORS series race cross this year.
- Registration is minutes away so here ends another crap entry.