Saturday, June 28, 2008

2 weeks in review: plus monday and and a Cat 3

2 Tuesdays ago: I won my first official races ever. I won a cat 4 Scratch Race, and a Tempo race. I also placed 5th on the consolation race. All the races were track races at Kenosha. I ended up winning 24 dollars that night.

Last Sunday: WORS race number 6 (i think). not preriding ended up costing me first place. I ended up sitting and recovering when i should have been pushing harded. I have sense added a odometer to my mountain bike so that doesnt happen again

Last Tuesday: I won the cat 4 unknown distance, and was WAY! over geared for my next 2 races, and ended up 10th and 7th.

Latest Track related news: i have brought a nice set of used tubular track wheels. I also have new gears so i'll not be way over geared next week when i race the Cat 3s in kenosha. Its not an official USAC cat 3 upgrade, but its getting closer.

ok i am done, not its time to nap at 7pm on saturday. tomorrow, sunday the 29th, i am supposed to be heading to Kettle for some trail riding, lets hope the weather holds.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Saturday, June 7, 2008

67 and 2

Saturday was a HARD day of riding with Pro riding Ben Popper. I emailed Ben to see if he wanted to ride something other than the Lake Shore Path, and he joyfully agreed. Seeing how Ben is a master at creating routes, and he needed the training, and I just wanted to ride. Ben created a nice 67 mile route starting at my house. The only problem with the route was the first 30 miles was into into a 20+ mph wind. The second half of the route was very fast. I must now note that Ben's route followed a bike route, nearly perfectly. I must also note that Ben, with only a small front ring, kicked my butt the whole ride.

Sunday, was the Big Ring Classic, aka WORS 3. I took off WAY too fast trying to be the first to the single track, not knowing that there was about 3 miles before the single track started. So I burned out a little earlier than i wanted. I did manager to recover and and finish only 40 seconds behind the leader, the same guy who beat me by over 7 minutes in the previous race. It was a successful race over all.

This week has been a week of rest of me. As of Saturday evening, I have only been on a bike once, and that was on a mountain bike Thursday.

Until next time....