Thursday, February 4, 2010

My Future

So i have been thinking all about what i want to do this year, as far as cycling goes. in the past i would do road races, crits, track races, and mountain bike races before cross season. I am thinking i should dial it back some, but to what? I enjoy all the different disciplines of cycling but i believe to be good i need to work on just on.

my gut instantly says stuck with the track, you have had success stick to it. but this does require me to get a new bike seeing the current on might only last half a season. (see post before it you need to know why) and buying a new bike means more $$$ i would stick with mountain biking, but that involves a lot of travel and that means less time at home, for races and practice. i could do road, its for the most part close, but my weight and size is a huge issues with that. Cross, well that is sticking no matter what.

This leads to be believe, that if i want to be good at cross i should do a discipline that helps benefit cyclocross. Well Jpow and Tim Johnson both races the road, while Todd Wells, Ryan Trebon, and Barry Wicks are all mountain bikes. So which do i choose. If you noticed i didnt say anything about track. (hint for later) I am thinking that i would work on mountain biking the most due to the handling aspect and its relation to cross.

This by no means, means i am giving up on the road. The road is a great place to train and i have already signed up for Hillsboro 4-10-10. So i guess this means i will not being racing at the track this year. It will allow me a year to work on my spinning for the next time i race on the track. (i cant believe i said i will not be racing the track this year. aurg! before this post i have fully intended on getting a new track bike and racing this year.)

And with that bomb shell i am off to class and to let you think about what i just decided.

PS i reserve the right to change my mind at any point in my life that i darn well please!

PSS this wasnt editted so if you want do it for mean and email me a proper copy, feel free

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Julie said...

you go through this every year! i'm not buying a word of it. just do whatever is fun!