Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Big and Tall?

As the cross season is officially over with the world championship being done, and with the road season fast approaching, i signed up for hillsboro monday, i have noticed a very common tread in cycling. I always keep an eye out for new bikes, new wheels, and other new things for cycling, and the tread i keep noticing is that everything is made for 150 lb 5 foot 10 inch tall cyclist. What about us, the big boys of cycling? I can't, and don't really care to, hide the fact that i am 6 foot 4, and 240lbs. this with the combination of the fact that the cycling industry has it's target cyclist being the small guys stated above makes it very difficult for me to find proper fitting equipment. I need big tall long bikes that can handle the abuse of uneven roads, combined with strong stiff wheels. I have been riding Trek for so time and they seem to put out a pretty good frame that can handle the abuse i give it. (i currently have a madone 5.5 pro) while the wheels are good, with the abuse the winters of wisconsin puts on our road, my wheels can only handle so much before they need to be either trued or replaced. Most of the wheels i look at don't suggest anyone over 175-200lbs ride them wheels, with the exception of zipp. they used to have clydesdale wheels, aka wheels for guys JUST over 200lbs, but it seemed they are now just called cyclocross wheels.

what does this really mean? this means the cycling industry seems to be ignoring a decent and rather big part of its community. I wish, but highly doubt, that the cycling industry will do something to change this. But is it really that hard to ask for a pair of wheels that i can ride without having to get them trued or replaced often, or a bike long enough that i can properly fit without adding long stems, 180mm or longer crank, or extra tall angled back seat posts?

if anyone knows of any company that makes or produces cycling gear for us tall and big cyclists or know of equipment that can withstand a beating PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!!


Julie said...

there used to be "clydesdale wheels" - the Cane Creek Aeros that Ben rides in cx season is considered clydes.

the fat guy who rides said...

and how much did he abuse them and he weights 150 lbs?

velogrrl said...

Isn't Leonard Zinn know for building bikes for tall guys? I just looked it up and there's a Zinn's Big and Tall Bike Shop online.
Might be worth a look?

velogrrl said...

oops, I meant "known"