Monday, October 11, 2010

Yikes, I am writing

So this past summer I did not race track, I didn't race much of anything. What I did do was to work A LOT! But that is life.

Anyways, it is cross season which means a lot of races. So far i have done 5 cross races and one mountain bike race. Being a cat 3 cross racer means if you are not in shape you will finish very badly. Not a good reason not to blog, but honestly who wants to admit they are truly out of shape? Plus if I were to state that I had an injury it would sound like an excuse. I don't like excuses.

On a more positive note, I did the last WORS race in Sheboygan. I must say the course was a BLAST! I sort of got off on my own a few times and I could have swore I was just out for fun and not racing. I did not make it up the Equalizer any of the three laps, but I did out run everyone on the hill, riders and walkers. I guess my cyclocross training is paying off. I plan on heading back up to Sheboygan to ride there again. I was also about to explain the city, aka I drove around it, and it seemed kind of cool. I might have to head back up there and explore some more.

Shifting gears back to cyclocross, a few of my bigger races are coming up. I am signed up for the Louisville GP, and Jingle Cross. While I am officially registered for the races I have yet to find a place to stay.... I really should work on that soon.

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