Sunday, November 1, 2009

Deal Time

in a deal with Marne Leigh (wow her site looks professionally done) i promised to update my blog. So you all, like 3 people, might have asked yourself what i have been up to for the last 6ish months and the short answer is riding my bike. (this is the point in time that i remember why i do not blog, i am getting distracted. right now i am on steven cozza website) (now on to to find a movie to watch while i attempt to type this blog.) still looking but o well this needs to be written.

So the last 6ish months have been all about bikes, either mountain, road, but especially track. (pause again to look for a video, but i think i found a Veggie Tales movie i can watch.) anyways i have spent a lot of time this summer on my track bike. the problem was i didn't spend ENOUGH time on my track bike or any bike for that fact this past winter. I did manage to prove i can out sprint people in shorter events, but i have no endurance when it comes to longer races. so this off-season i need to train harder than ever.

BUT the off season hasn't started yet because cyclocross is in season. that season hasn't been the greatest because i am back in school. but the season is almost over. The state championship is the 22nd, and than the most fun race of the season, Jingle Cross Rock is the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday after Thanksgiving. want proof its fun, watch this video.

anyways that is all have for now, ill try to update more often.

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marne said...

Fair is fair. I owe you updates and pictures.

And my buddy (MKE) built my site off of my sketches b/c he's awesome and nice like that. Can't wait for it all to be done, I'll pass along the compliment.